Saint Joseph Community Land Trust Celebrates 10 Years of Service at Lake Tahoe

Saint Joseph Community Land Trust wants to thank the Saint Theresa Catholic Church Knights of Columbus for hosting its ten year anniversary celebration with a free spaghetti dinner in Grace Hall. The excellent food and ambiance was appreciated by the Board of Directors and the many community land trust members in attendance. Thanks also to Interstate Realty Management (IRM) who organized a free raffle for the event. IRM manages Sierra Garden Apartments in South Lake Tahoe, one of the properties owned by Saint Joseph CLT. America and Edher Sanchez, managers for Sierra Garden Apartments, obtained raffle prizes from the following local businesses: Starbucks, Key’s Café, Jalisco Grill, Taqueria Jalisco, 7-Eleven, and Big Daddy’s Burger. IRM also donated a free turkey for the event.

Saint Joseph Community Land Trust is a democratically-controlled nonprofit organization founded in 2002 to address affordable housing and life skills training needs for residents in the Lake Tahoe Basin. For more information on Saint Joseph Community Land Trust, please visit our website: