Saint Joseph Community Land Trust is helping low and moderate income residents find decent affordable homes at Lake Tahoe. Our residential programs are designed to bridge the gap between Tahoe’s high property values and incomes of people who live and work in this beautiful place. Our education programs provide skills necessary for successful home ownership and good financial management.


Affordable Rental Homes

Saint Joseph Community Land Trust is working to expand its current inventory of 76 affordable apartments. Our residents are invited to participate in the operation of Saint Joseph as Lessee members with full voting rights. Annual dues are waived for Lessee members.

Ownership Homes

We offer a balanced approach to home ownership: Saint Joseph Community Land Trust owns the land under a home and leases it for a nominal fee to low and moderate income residents who own buildings on the land. This arrangement significantly reduces the cost of a house since homeowners do not purchase the underlying land. Although homeowners do not own land, they are granted long term lease rights that allow them to use land in a responsible manner. Our land leases ensure that homes remain affordable to future buyers. Saint Joseph homeowners obtain mortgages from a mortgage lender, pay property taxes, and are responsible for home maintenance – no different from traditional home ownership. Homeowners are Lessee members, and annual membership dues are included in monthly land lease fees.

Equal Housing Policy

Saint Joseph Community Land Trust follows Catholic social teaching and believes that everyone deserves a decent and safe home that is respectful to the dignity of its residents. We provide housing on an equal opportunity basis regardless of race, color, religion, sex, familial status, disability and national origin.

Revolving Loan Fund

SJCLT maintains a revolving residential loan fund for small emergencies such as home repair or major appliance replacements, when all other reasonable loan sources have been exhausted. This fund is only available to SJCLT members.


Check the Events Calendar for the next scheduled training for one of the following sessions.

Homeownership and Household Finances

Our well attended Homeownership and Household Finances classes are designed for everyone, not just those who are considering buying a home. (This class is an eligibility requirement for those applying to purchase a SJCLT home.) Our lead instructor is certified NeighborWorks®Homeownership Counselor who has worked in the private sector and in government.  Topics include:

  • Fundamentals of banking, saving, and investing
  • Budgeting and wise spending
  • Borrowing and credit
  • Pros and cons of renting vs. homeownership
  • ABCs of mortgage lending
  • House hunting
  • Protecting investments/ basics of home maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Preparing for life’s emergencies
  • Citizen participation in community and government

Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention Training

Identity theft and fraud are serious crimes against the poor, elderly, and the general population. SJCLT has partnered with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to fight crime by giving Lake Tahoe residents the skills needed to protect themselves and their families.

Environmental Stewardship

Living in one of the most beautiful places on earth comes with certain responsibilities. SJCLT takes environmental stewardship seriously and is working with environmental professionals and government agencies to reduce our footprint on the land. Follow our NEWS! link for progress on our largest project – a storm water collection and cistern system at Sierra Garden Apartments. This system will collect spring snow melt from parking areas at South Tahoe High School and Sierra Garden Apartments and store the water for landscape irrigation during summer months thus reducing groundwater pumping, treatment, and delivery expenses — including energy costs.

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