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Saint Joseph Community Land Trust (SJCLT), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was founded in 2002 in response to the rising housing costs and the negative impacts of these costs to the broad social fabric, well being, and sustainability of communities around Lake Tahoe. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals and families who cannot otherwise afford housing by acquiring real estate and developing programs to benefit individuals and families.  SJCLT is the only faith-based nonprofit housing organization operating exclusively at Lake Tahoe, in California and Nevada.

The Community Land Trust Model

A community land trust is a local nonprofit organization created to hold and, where appropriate, lease its land for the benefit of a community and its residents. SJCLT holds affordable rental housing in its property portfolio, and owns property which is leased to homeowners.   At Lake Tahoe, leaseholders must use the land in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Deed restricted homes on land leased from SJCLT must remain permanently affordable through resale provisions that balance a fair return on investment with future affordability. These resale provisions guarantee that the home remains permanently affordable and available to Lake Tahoe residents.

Community Land Trust vs. Conventional Homeownership


  • The homeowner obtains a mortgage with a lending institution
  • The homeowner accumulates equity
  • The home can be inherited by the homeowner’s children or heirs
  • The homeowner pays property taxes


  • The purchase price includes only buildings and other physical improvements
  • The Community Land Trust retains ownership of the underlying land, which is leased to homeowners for a nominal fee
  • The lease agreement includes a resale formula that ensures the home will remain permanently affordable
  • Houses cannot be used for second homes or vacation rentals, and must be occupied by Lake Tahoe residents

Our Accomplishments

  • Successfully acquired and rehabilitated Sierra Garden Apartments, a 76 unit affordable housing community in South Lake Tahoe, California
  • Successfully constructed and sold the first moderate-income home at Lake Tahoe through the City of South Lake Tahoe and Tahoe Regional Planning Agency’s moderate-income housing programs
  • Successfully petitioned the Nevada Legislature to change state law to allow the word “trust” to be used in the name of community land trusts (AB-423, 2007)
  • Partnered with the City of South Lake Tahoe to provide homeownership and financial skills training
  • Partnered with Parasol Foundation to provide financial skills training to Incline Village and Crystal Bay residents
  • Partnered with the FBI to provide identity theft training to various communities around Lake Tahoe
  • Sponsored fundraisers for a new local chapter of Habitat for Humanity
  • The first community land trust established in the State of Nevada

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